Voice Actor | Youtuber | Digital Artist

About Me

Name ⋆✧⋆ Galli
Age ⋆✧⋆ 18
Pronouns ⋆✧⋆ She/Her
Timezone ⋆✧⋆ AEST
Location ⋆✧⋆ Australia
Birthday ⋆✧⋆ 17th March

My Completed Projects

Voice Acting

Vocal Range ⋆✧⋆ High-Low
Audio Format ⋆✧⋆ mp3. or wav.
Accents ⋆✧⋆ North American, British
VA Experience ⋆✧⋆ 2 years
Acting Experience ⋆✧⋆ 5 years of Musical theatre training + 8 years of professional vocal lessons

Hire me?

DM me for Inquires through Instagram or discord. When reaching out, please send me this completed list so I know more about your project.- A summary or description of your project
- A description of the characters, personality, age, voice type
- Is your project Long Term or Short Term
- Is your project paid or not
- Examples of your work (Previous projects, videos or your YouTube channel link will do)


Microphone ⋆✧⋆ AT2020
Audio Interface ⋆✧⋆ Focusrite Scarlett Solo
DAW ⋆✧⋆ Audacity


Discord ⋆✧⋆ Gallicat#5513
Email ⋆✧⋆ [email protected]
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